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coaching, Conferences, Workshops

These services can be in Spanish, English, German and French.

  • one-on-one

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    1 hr

    200 Swiss francs
  • one-to-few sessions

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    4 hr

    Price upon request.
  • Event Speaker

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    1 hr

    Price upon request.


Jimena Batschelet

Maria Fernanda inspires and educates through her social media. Her book deeply resonates with me, and I value her focus on education and integration.


Beautiful, intelligent, and confident woman. You are our pride and role model for women born abroad living in Switzerland.

Julian Bast

I admire Maria because she embodies the spirit of community and integration; not just preaching, but ensuring everyone feels included and valued. Her practical mindset and the values she lives by resonate with me.

Gabriel Vargas

Maria Fernanda Salvador is a beacon of hope and inclusivity. Her focus on inclusion and education is inspiring.

Gabi (7 years old)

I love Maria's parties. Different languages, but when we sing, we are equal. That's truly beautiful.

Thomas Bergen

I have deep respect for Maria. She not only talks about caring for the elderly, but she also supported my parents in their toughest times. Her focus on integration goes beyond words; she has turned our home into a warm and welcoming place for everyone. It's inspiring to see Maria living her values every day, showing through actions what community and mutual support really mean.

Lin Schnipper

I know Maria because our children go to the same school. At the parent-teacher meeting, she actively participated. Her book about integrating different cultures in Switzerland is very helpful. Maria is a role model in terms of environmental protection and family management. Her dedication to studying and assisting in cultural integration is admirable.

Natalia Bischof

I've known Maria Fernanda for over 20 years. I admire her strong and determined personality. Everything she has set out to do so far, she has achieved. Her commitment to integration is incredible, helping many with her books to better understand this long and difficult process.

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