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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains what data we collect during your visit to our website and how we use it. Some of the data stored on our server are provided by you voluntarily when filling out forms, while other data are collected automatically. We do not collect any information that reveals the identity of individual visitors unless you provide us with your personal information. We also don't use any tools aimed at identifying visitors.


Automatically collected and stored data


Like many other companies, we track general website usage (measuring the frequency of queries) to improve our site for visitors and to tailor it to their needs. During your visit, we may automatically collect and temporarily store the following data about your computer and visit:


- Domain and host from which you access the internet

- The web address of the site that linked you to this site, if applicable

- Date and time of connection with our website, duration, and selection of visited pages

- Internet protocol (IP) address of your computer

- Your computer's operating system and browser software, if applicable


We may hire third parties to measure query frequencies as described above. This process does not reveal any visitor's identity. We require these third parties to follow our privacy standards, transmit data in aggregate form, and use the collected data only for its intended purpose and subsequent destruction.


Some of our web pages may store certain information called cookies on visitors' computers. In general, a cookie assigns a unique number to a visitor that has no meaning outside the assigning site. Cookies provide information about how, when, and how often a website's pages are visited by users. This technology does not collect identification data about individual visitors; instead, this information is also aggregated. The purpose of this technology and the information it provides is to help us improve our website.

To support websites, most internet browsers let users choose to accept or refuse cookies. However, keep in mind that cookies might be necessary to use certain features, like providing user-specific information on the website. You can find more information about cookies at


Personal information you voluntarily submit to us


We only use the data collected from website visitors if they explicitly want it for answering inquiries, sending emails, and informing them about new content or services on our websites. If you decide you no longer want our mailings and/or emails, please let us know by email or letter. Provide your full name, postal address, and/or email address. We will make sure your name is removed from our mailing list.


We only use your personal data for the purpose you provided it for. We do not disclose, sell, or exchange such personal information with other companies or institutions without informing the user and getting their explicit consent. The only exception is if we are legally required to disclose and transmit the data or by court order.


We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. The privacy policy does not establish a contractual or any formal legal relationship with or on behalf of any party.

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