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Conference Speaker


Price upon request.


1 hr

About the Session

As an event speaker, I share my experience with diversity and inclusion. I inspire others to value and embrace our cultural differences.

As a ponent, I have the privilege of engaging with audiences on the crucial topics of diversity and inclusion. Through my personal experiences and insights, I strive to create a meaningful dialogue that encourages individuals to not only recognize but also celebrate our cultural differences. By sharing stories and perspectives that highlight the importance of diversity, I aim to inspire others to embrace inclusivity in all aspects of life. I firmly believe that by fostering a culture of respect and understanding, we can build stronger communities and create a more harmonious society where everyone feels valued and accepted.

Your Instructor

Maria Fernanda Salvador

Maria Fernanda Salvador

She was born in Quito, Ecuador. She studied business, systemic coaching, sugestopedia, NLP. She works as a writer and lifestyle and integration coach. Among her published works are: "Hasta que el paladar se acostumbre" and "Desde Aquí/Von hier aus" book that compiles her columns on integration written over 10 years.

Former Queen of Quito 1990-1991, World Karate Champion 2016, former candidate for the Swiss National Parliament, member of the Parliament of the Catholic Church of Lucerne 2014-2022, board member of the Gerlisberg Monastery. Founder of the Network Time to Start Changing, speaker, lecturer in systemic coaching at UNITRE Universitas.

Lives in Lucerne, Switzerland with her husband and her shih tzu dog Suki.

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